Gifts 'N Things School Fundraising & Holiday Shops

Here for the Holidays

We’re thrilled to welcome a new generation to our Gifts ‘N Things family.

We’ll be by your side every step of the way, providing all the resources and support you need to make your first holiday shop in-school fundraiser a success.

Flexible Festivities!

Give your students what they missed last year with three fun and easy ways to run your holiday shop.

PLUS: Any Lil Shopper’s Shop fundraiser can be operated outdoors — no need to work around indoor volunteer restrictions! Lil’ Shopper’s Shop holiday fundraisers can easily be adapted to fit any space, including the great outdoors! Set up your Lil’ Shopper’s Shop in your school’s parking lot, playground, outdoor entryway or courtyard. Students will delight in the joy of giving during an immersive shopping experience in the open air — and you’ll love safely staffing your shop with volunteers! To ensure your satisfaction, we will waive the cancellation fee if you are unable to run your shop for any reason.

Lil' Shopper's Shoppe logo on a shopping bag

Traditional In-School Holiday Shop

Celebrate the holiday traditions you love and raise funds for your school with an easy-to-run in-school holiday shop! Bring festive fun to your school gym, lunch room, or classroom and delight in introducing students to the joy of giving. They’ll cherish the memory of having a  magical holiday gift shop at school, and you’ll love the simple set-up and stress-free fundraising experience. 

With our Traditional Shop fundraising option, your Lil’ Shopper’s Shop will be a little piece of the North Pole right in the middle of your school! Here’s how the Traditional Shop works in five simple steps: 

  1. Sign up for your Lil’ Shopper’s Shop online and select your dates. Most schools choose to run their in-school holiday shop for 3 to 5 days in November or December. 
  2. Your Chairperson Kit arrives 4 weeks before your fundraiser and contains everything you need to promote your shop, including our comprehensive “How To” guide and access to your custom, 24/7 Chairperson Website.
  3. Quality gifts and set-up materials for your Lil’ Shopper’s Shop are shipped directly to your school. All our merchandise is backed by our 100% unconditional guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction!
  4. Your volunteers set up your holiday shop in the in-school location of your choosing. Have questions about store set-up or run into a problem? Just reach out to Gifts ‘N Things and we’ll be happy to help! 

It’s time to shop! Students visit the holiday shop during their school day, browse our Santa-approved gifts, and make their purchases.

Ready to sign up for your Lil’ Shopper’s Shop holiday gift shop at school?

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Touchless Shop: School Delivery

  • Merchandise is be shipped to the school
  • Volunteers set up the shop in the school
  • Students walk through the shop and enjoy a touchless preview of the gifts and/or preview the gifts online from the safety of their classrooms or home
  • Students pick out gifts and record selections on an order form
  • Students place order form and money in the budget envelope
  • Volunteers collect order forms and money
  • Volunteers pack up individual orders and deliver to classrooms
  • Dates: Most schools run 3 to 5 days, during November or December
Laptop computer with My Holiday Shop Online Shopping on screen

Virtual Shop: Home Delivery

  • Parent letter and/or email is sent to families
  • Families shop and pay for gifts online
  • Gifts are shipped directly to individual family homes
  • Dates: Shop runs from November through December 6th.
    All orders must be received by December 6th to guarantee Christmas delivery

The Virtual Shop can be combined with a Traditional or Touchless Shop for schools that have both students in the classroom and students studying online from home.

Example: If you have 500 students in your school and 300 are in the classroom (even for a few days a week) we can send gifts for the 300 students to shop in a traditional or touchless shop. For the 200 students studying online from home, you email them the parent letter/email for them to be able to participate and select gifts from the virtual shop.