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MySchool Parent Website

A great way for you to market your school holiday shop to your school

We’ve designed a personalized school holiday shop website just for your school, containing all the essential details about your sale.

In the Chairperson Portal, you’ll discover your school’s unique URL, which you can easily share with your families. This is also where you can make the modifications mentioned below. To make your promotional efforts even more convenient, we’ve included social media graphics in the menu above and also in the chairperson portal, ready for use in your posts. This feature saves you time and effort in spreading the word about your holiday shop.

The site offers:

  1. Customizable Landing Page: By default, the site displays an introductory paragraph explaining the holiday shop and what children can expect. However, since your school’s event is unique, you may have specific details to share. The default text serves as a starting point, and you have the opportunity to customize it to match your school’s specific event. Feel free to edit the content as much or as little as needed to suit your school’s requirements. You can add your Sale Schedule, Event Details, Special Highlights, Volunteer Shout-outs, Photos, Graphics, Reminders, and Thank You messages. The primary aim is to engage, inform, and excite your community about the event. Enjoy the customization process!
  2. Gift Certificates: Parents can purchase gift certificates for their children here, and they also have the option to sponsor a child or classroom.
  3. Gift Preview: Families can get a sneak peek of the available gifts, complete with retail prices based on the profit you selected.

The key is to share your MySchool Parent Website’s URL with families through email and various social media channels.