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2023 School Holiday Shop Ideas For Fundraisers

Looking for ways to add some festive fun to your annual in-school holiday shop fundraiser? We’ve got you to-ho-ho-tally covered! As your holiday shop experts, we know a thing or two about making the holiday shop experience magical for shoppers and volunteers alike.

While we provide everything you need to set up your in-school holiday shop fundraiser successfully, it never hurts to add a little extra seasonal cheer! Here are some of our favorite ideas for spicing up your school’s holiday fundraiser in 2023!

2023 School Holiday Shop Ideas

Elf Yourself

Who makes all of Santa’s toys? Elves, of course! Bring Santa’s Workshop to life for little shoppers by dressing your holiday shop volunteers as elves! Go all-out with head-to-toe trimmings like elf hats, pointed ears and curly-toed shoes, or simply have volunteers wear their most festive outfits or colors, then provide jingle bells, tinsel, and other accessories for them to elf themselves with.

Another whimsical touch? Have each volunteer wear a nametag featuring their elf name — think variations on a seasonal theme, like Snowball, Jingle, and Nutmeg, or silly, giggle-inducing names like Fiddlesticks, Toffeebottom and Gumdrop.

If your fundraising group has the budget and space within your holiday store set-up, you could also hire a Santa (or select a Santa from your volunteers) to visit with shoppers during their trip to your store. After all, there’s nothing more magical than a visit from the Big Guy himself!

Secret Santa

Take your school’s holiday shop fundraiser to the next level by making it a Secret Santa! It’s easy to incorporate a holiday shop with your classroom’s Secret Santa activity: After assigning each student one of their peers to gift to (and reminding them that their giftee should remain a secret until it’s time for the big reveal), send home a notice of when the in-school holiday shop fundraiser will happen. You may also advise parents regarding the average cost of gifts at the holiday shop, so they can prepare their students to budget and spend wisely.

When the day of the fundraiser arrives, students will love buying their Secret Santa gifts at your magical in-school holiday shop, parents will appreciate not having to run out and buy a gift themselves, and you’ll love the streamlined simplicity of setting up your Santa shop school fundraiser thanks to the expert elves at Gifts ‘N Things. It’s a holly-jolly win-win!

Head to the North Pole

This school holiday shop idea requires a bit of planning and good luck, but it’s worth it to create memories that will last students a lifetime! If the weather in your area cooperates and your school has an appropriate outdoor space, consider taking your holiday shop to the North Pole — AKA the snowy expanse of your school’s parking lot, playground, blacktop or field!

All you need to make this seasonal magic happen are folding tables, table decor like themed tablecloths, streamers, etc., and some volunteers in warm clothes! If you’re setting up your shop in an area that experiences traffic of any kind, like a parking lot or playground, be sure to use cones or other barriers to mark off the space you’ll be using and ensure your students and volunteers stay safe. Students should be chaperoned to and from their shopping experience by their teachers or parent volunteers.

We also highly recommend creating or purchasing an actual North Pole to mark the entrance of your shopping area, both for fun and as an easily-identifiable meeting spot for students as they finish up their shopping!

Shop ‘n Learn

Wondering how to make math fun? Make it shopping math! We love to hear about teachers incorporating their school’s holiday shop fundraiser into their lesson plan.

In the days leading up to your holiday shop, consider theming a math lesson to the fundraiser by providing a list of holiday shop gifts (just a small selection will do) and faux $5 bills to each student. Ask the students to create a budget or spending plan based on their “allowance,” the gifts, and a list of people to shop for (think a parent, a sibling, a grandparent, etc.) — What can they afford? Can they stay under a $10 budget? A $5 budget? Less?

Make the lesson more challenging by breaking students into groups and having them take turns being a cashier and a shopper, using their addition and subtraction skills to make accurate change. Older or more advanced students could even be asked to calculate tax on items! Get as creative as you like, and don’t forget to keep it fun and festive.

Plan Your 2023 School Holiday Shop Today!

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